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Luci Minogue

About Luci Minogue

Director & Physiotherapist

Luci Minogue has been working as a Physiotherapist for over 10 years in private practice. She enjoys treating all types of musculoskeletal and sporting injuries and has a special interest in Physio-led Exercise, completing all four levels of DMA Clinical Pilates training, as well as cancer rehabilitation and pre and post natal care. She is also qualified in Integrated Dry Needling ( and finds this a fantastic treatment option for many conditions.

Luci has a special interest in helping men and women diagnosed with cancer rehabilitate their bodies through the Pinc & Steel programs. After gaining accreditation in New Zealand in 2009 Luci brought The Pinc Program (previously known as Pink Pilates) to Melbourne, being the first Physiotherapist in Victoria to offer the program. She finds it to be one of the most rewarding aspects of her work. The PINC program is designed to help rehabilitate women with cancer to regain their strength, mobility and improve their well being. In 2012 Luci also gained accreditation to provide The Steel Program (previously known as Steel Pilates), designed to inspire men with cancer to take the first steps on their road to recovery. Read more about the PINC & STEEL Programs here.

As a Physiotherapist Luci believes that it is important to empower a patient during their rehabilitation and that prevention is just as important as cure! Luci will look at your whole body and will most likely send you home with some exercises. She is very excited to be able to offer Physiotherapy, Physio-led Exercise and the Pinc & Steel Programs to Cheltenham and surrounds.

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