Michelle Gray

About Michelle Gray

Physiotherapist & Clinical Pilates Instructor

Michelle Gray has been a Physiotherapist for over 30 years and has a vast amount of experience as a clinician as well as Pilates instructor.

She ran a business specialising in the provision of  Exercise for Pregnancy for over 15 years and has specialised knowledge in the field of pre and post natal care. She has an energetic and enthusiastic approach to her physiotherapy practice and is a hugely motivating  Pilates instructor. She is also experienced in Dance Physiotherapy and enjoys doing Pre Pointe Assessments.

Michelle has spent time working in both Europe, the UK and the Middle East and brings a wealth of experience to InnerStrength of Bayside. She believes that exercise should be a lifelong pursuit and that it must be sustainable and achievable, and hopefully enjoyable.

She is a mother of 3 teenagers and loves to talk!

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