Urvi Shelar

About Urvi Shelar


Urvi is originally from India and moved to Australia in 2014. Urvi worked as a Paediatric Physiotherapist for 6 years and also has a keen interest in occupational rehabilitation and musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Since moving to Australia, Urvi has worked as a Physiotherapist in aged care and is trained in mat work Clinical Pilates. She has also done several other courses to keep herself updated with the advancements in the more dynamic clinic settings. Urvi is eager to learn and grow more as a clinician.
Paediatric Physiotherapy primarily comprises of exercises and techniques that help aid in the physical development of an infant through to adolescence. Urvi’s main aim is to ensure the achievement of gross motor milestones and if this is not possible, then achieving the maximum out of a child and ensuring independence in participation in their day to day lives through aids and equipment.
Urvi loves to read medical thrillers and suspense novels. She describes herself as a slightly annoying Potter Head. Urvi also loves to go for nature walks and camping.
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